15 Bridge St, Stourport-on-Severn, DY13 8UX
Goodfellows Pizza Stourport-on-Severn

1. Margherita Pizza (V)£4.40Add +Homemade vegetarian tomato sauce and mixed cheese
2. Garlic Bread Pizza (V)£5.80Add +Vegetarian garlic butter covered with mixed cheese
3. Tropical Pizza£6.80Add +Ham, mushroom and pineapple
4. Americana Pizza£7.40Add +Jalapeno, sundried tomato, mixed pepper and pepperoni
5. Goodfellows Deluxe Pizza£7.40Add +Ham, pineapple, chicken, jalapeno, spring onion, sweetcorn and pepperoni
6. Tandoori Pizza (New)£7.40Add +Chicken tikka, mixed peppers, tandoori sauce, onion, jalapeno and raita drizzle
7. Crispy Chicken Delight (New)£7.40Add +Crispy chicken, peppers, red onions and jalapenos
8. The Don Pizza£6.80Add +Onion, green peppers, mushroom, ham, spicy beef, sweetcorn, pepperoni and oregano
9. Manhattan Meatball Pizza£6.30Add +Bolognese sauce, mozzarella and meatballs
10. Big Cheese Pizza (V)£7.40Add +Vegetarian option topped with a blend of cheese, parmesan, brie, feta, mozzarella and cheddar
11. Smokey BBQ Pizza£6.80Add +Tender chicken served on BBQ base, mixed peppers, sweetcorn, spring onion, chicken, bacon and pineapple
12. Hot Mexican Pizza£6.80Add +Onion, spicy beef, jalapeno, garlic chips, red pepper, pepperoni and chilli flakes
13. Pepperoni Max Pizza£5.80Add +Double pepperoni
14. Popeye Pizza (V)£5.80Add +Vegetarian spinach, sun dried tomato and garlic chips
15. Piri Piri Pizza (New)£7.80Add +Chicken, mushrooms, red peppers, red onion on piri piri sauce base
16. Seafood Pizza (New)£7.80Add +Prawns, tuna, spinach, anchovies, garlic, cheese, sweet corn with garlic butter and tomato sauce
17. Hash Brown Veggie Delight (New)£6.80Add +Red onion, green peppers, mushrooms, red peppers, sweet corn, jalapeno and crispy hash browns drizzled with tomato ketchup
18. Havana Pizza£6.80Add +Onion, spicy chicken, sweet corn, jalapeno and red peppers
19. Spanish Pizza£6.30Add +Ham, roast chicken, bacon, sun dried tomato and garlic chips
20. Caribbean Pizza£6.30Add +Ham, pineapple, jalapeno and pepperoni
21. Meat Lover Pizza£6.80Add +Ham, sausage, spicy pork, pepperoni and black olives
22. Mediterranean Pizza£6.30Add +Tuna fish, sweet corn, prawns and cherry tomato
23. Old Skool Pizza£6.30Add +Chorizo, salami and pancetta
24. Vegetable Sizzler Pizza£6.80Add +Onion, green peppers, mushrooms, sweet corn, cherry tomato, jalapeno and chilli flakes
25. Mini Meat Pizza£5.80Add +Ham, sausage and pepperoni
26. Chilli Donner Kebab - Pizza (New)£6.80Add +Succulent donner kebab on top of chilli base with red onions and mixed peppers
27. Hawaiian Pizza (New)£6.80Add +Ham and Pineapple
28. Mango Chicken & Jalapeno Pizza (New)£7.40Add +Mango, chicken, jalapeno and mixed peppers
Meal Deals
1. All for One£9.99Add +Any 9" pizza, wings of fire, garlic bread, can of soft drink
2. Party Pack£17.99Add +Any 15" pizza, garlic bread, potato wedges, onion rings, wings of fire coleslaw, potato salad and 1 bottle of drink
3. Meal for Two£14.99Add +2 x 9" pizza, 2 side dishes and 2 x can of drink
4. Family Feast£12.99Add +Any 12" pizza, garlic bread, potato wedges, coleslaw or potato salad and 1 bottle of drink
5. Half Time Combo Platter£11.99Add +Chicken dippers 8 pcs, chicken wings of fire 8 pcs, lamb shish kebabs 2 pcs, onion rings, potato wedges and garlic bread served with mayo and sweet chilli dip.
6.Deluxe Deal£14.99Add +Any two large pizzas 12'' for only 14.99
8. XLarge Pizza Sale£14.99Add +Buy any XL from menu for 14.99 and get any regular pizza for free
Calzone 9" (New)
Meat Feast Calzone£6.80Add +Ham, sausage, chicken, spicy beef, pepperoni onion, pepper, tomato and mozzarella
Hunters Chicken Calzone£6.20Add +Tender chicken and bacon in a smokey BBQ sauce with cheese
kebab kalzone£6.00Add +Calzone filled with succulent donner kebab meat and gooey cheese.
Lasagne (New)
Home Made Beef Lasagne£5.50Add +Tender British beef layered between pasta sheets in a rich meat sauce covered with bechamel and meat balls
Potato Salad£1.50Add +
Coleslaw£1.50Add +
House Salad£2.00Add +
Mediterranean Salad£2.70Add +Onion, black olive, tomato, feta cheese, lemon juice and olive oil
Wrap & Burger Bar
All meals include fries and can of soft drink
Donner Kebab£4.99Add +
Classic Chicken Wrap£3.50Add +With lettuce and mayonnaise
Vegetable Burger£3.00Add +
Bacon Cheese Burger£4.00Add +Flame grilled beef
Spicy Chicken Fillet Burger£3.50Add +
Chicken Fillet Burger£2.50Add +
Hotdog£2.50Add +
Cheese Burger£3.80Add +Flame grilled beef with mature cheddar cheese
Curry Club Specials
Chicken Tikka Masala£5.00Add +With naan bread
Balti Chicken£5.00Add +With naan bread
Homemade Samosas 2 Pcs£1.50Add +
Side Orders
1. Popcorn Chicken£3.50Add +
2. Chicken Nuggets 10 Pcs£3.50Add +Served with a choice of dip
3. Onion Rings 11 Pcs£2.20Add +Served with a choice of dip
4. Nacho Cheese & Jalapeno Bites 6 Pcs (New)£3.50Add +Served with a choice of dip
5. Cheesy Fries£2.20Add +
6. Fries£1.50Add +
7. Macaroni Cheese Bites 8 Pcs (New)£3.50Add +
8. Garlic Bread£1.50Add +
9. Garlic Bread with Cheese£2.00Add +
10. Garlic Bread with Bacon & Cheese£2.50Add +
11. Potato Wedges£2.50Add +Served with a choice of dip
12. Crispy Coated Garlic Mushrooms 12 Pcs£3.30Add +Served with a choice of dip
13. Chicken Wings of Fire 8 Pcs£3.50Add +
14. Chicken Dippers 8 Pcs£3.50Add +Served with a choice of dip
15. Extra Dips£0.50Add +
Boston Chocolate Mud Cake£1.99Add +
Strawberry Cheesecake£1.99Add +
Cookies£3.00Add +4 per portion
Can of Soft Drink£0.80Add +
1.5 Ltr - Bottle of Soft Drink£1.90Add +
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